Edouard Baldus

kunstschatze der mittelalterlichen3Auguste Galimard (1813-1880), Vitraux de l’Église Sainte-Clotilde [Windows of the Church of Sainte Clotilde], composés et dessinés par A. Galimard et photographiés par E. Baldus ([Paris], 1853. 15 salt prints from paper negatives. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2014- in process
kunstschatze der mittelalterlichen7

In 1853, the French photographer Edouard Baldus (1813-1889) worked with the artist Auguste Galimard on a catalogue of his recent designs for the windows of the church of Sainte-Clotilde in Paris. Baldus photographed over a dozen separate windows (or sections of windows) and printed salt prints from the paper negatives.

The book they released has no publisher listed and so, we assume it was self-published by Galimard. According to Malcolm Daniel’s catalogue on Baldus, there are several variant editions with different photographs pasted on the title page. Ours has five separate prints depicting angels. There are 10 additional salt prints inside the volume.

Note, if the prints look yellow or faded it is only my poor photography. The prints in this volume are in beautiful condition.

kunstschatze der mittelalterlichen2The only other copy OLCL lists in the United States, is at the Frick Art Museum Library in New York City.