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7367782656_6a435d5d6d_b“Today, the Boston Public Library announced the results of the Print Department Report, a BPL commissioned year-long external review of the BPL Print Collection. Launched in June 2014 and conducted by Simmons College Professor Dr. Martha Mahard, the four-volume report evaluates inventory control and the current physical arrangement of the collection’s 320,000 items, and makes recommendations on how to improve intellectual control and organization of the Print Department assets moving forward.”

“The report covers the need for improved record keeping, primarily from artwork acquired in the latter half of the last century, when new acquisitions outpaced proper documentation and organization.


Boston Public Library president Amy Ryan (right) spoke to the media after the discovery of the Dürer and Rembrandt prints

“The Print and Special Collections play an essential role in the library fulfilling its mission as a center of knowledge,” said Michael Colford, BPL Director of Library Services. “This Print Department Report gives BPL a detailed look into how the library can be the best steward of these 320,000 works going forward. BPL is already taking steps to act on these recommendations, and will continue to use the report as the blueprint for additional improvements in the Print Department.”

Print Department Report Cover Letter

Print Department Report Volume 1

Print Department Report Volume 2

Print Department Report Volume 3

Print Department Report Volume 4

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