An Imagined View of Philadelphia

philadelphia view3 This vue d’optique was made to be viewed through a zograscope, which would enhance the three-dimensionality of the scene. The harbor seen here is the same one seen on many other optical views, offering an imagined picture of Philadelphia by German artists who had never visited the United States.

This print has a text in two languages but there are also separate German and French versions, marketing the scenes to as many audiences as possible.

“Philadelphie la ville capitale de Pensylvanie province Nord-Americaine William Penn, à qui Charles II Roi d’Angleterre donna cette province entiére la planta en 1682, entre deux fleuves navigables et l’apella Philadelphie, parceque les habitans y vivoient dans une harmonie fraternelle.”

philadelphia view4philadelphia view2 philadelphia viewBalthasar Friedrich Leizelt (active 2d half 18th century), Vue de Philadelphie, 1776. Engraving with hand coloring. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2015- in process