An Early Comic Strip, 1841

Thomas Onwhyn (1814-1886), A Railway Adventure that Mr. Larkin Encountered with the Lady of Captn. Coleraine. Showing the Power of Platonic Love (London: Ackermann & Co, no date [ca . 1841]). Etched concertina with 20 plates. Graphic Arts Collection 2016- in process.

The first railroad line from the London Bridge to Brighton opened in 1841 and Onwhyn’s book was published in conjunction with that event. The artist is best remembered for his pirated illustrations to works by Charles Dickens, under the pseudonym Samuel Weller. railroad7

See also:
Thomas Onwhyn, The Child’s Own New Scrap Book of Pictures by Peter Pallette (London: Dean & Son, 11, Ludgate Hill, [between 1857 and 1865]). CTSN Eng 19Q 7013

Thomas Onwhyn, Illustrations to the Pickwick Club edited by “Boz”; by Samuel Weller ([London]: E. Grattan, 1837). Rare Books: Morris L. Parrish Collection (ExParrish) Dickens 758

Thomas Onwhyn, Nothing to Wear (London: Rock & Co, 1858). (Ex) 2014-0549N

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