Reminder of digital graphic arts collections

Over the years a number of materials in the Graphic Arts Collection have been digitized. Some are connected to the online catalogue and some are not. Some are in the newer site DPUL and some in the older PUDL and some just online somewhere. Here is a list of the ones I can confirm, in case they are helpful to your research:

Antonio Martorell. Las Antillas Letradas

Brother Jonathan Jubilee Pictorial newspapers

Early Soviet Illustrated Sheet Music

Franklin McMahon. Signing the Israeli/Egyptian Peace Accord, 17 September 1978

Franz Freiherr von Wertheim’s Manuel de l’outillage des arts et métiers

Franz Hogenberg Engravings

George Humphrey’s The Attorney-General’s Charges Against the Late Queen (50 caricatures)

Gillett G. Griffin Japanese Woodblock Prints

Giovanni Ottaviani after frescoes designed by Raphael. Loggie di Rafaele nel Vaticano

James Gillray Caricatures

Jie zi yuan hua zhuan (Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting):

John Baptist Jackson Chiaroscuro Woodcuts

Lorenzo Homar prints, drawings, and blocks

Middle Eastern Film Posters

Pathé Baby French silent movies

Photography album documenting the Morant Bay Rebellion in Jamaica (1865), the Indian Northwest Frontier Hazara Campaign (1867-1870), views of Malta, etc., 1860-1880

Pencil of Nature by William Henry Fox Talbot

Princeton Print Club scrapbooks

Richard Willats early photography album

Robert Nanteuil Engravings

Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books miniatures (1/4 done) And other titles

Société Engelmann père et fils (3 vols. Chromolithography).

Specimens of paper with different water marks, 1377-1840

Taller de Gráfica Popular

Thomas Nast drawings and wood engravings

Thomas Rowlandson prints and drawings

Treasures of the Graphic Arts Collection

Versailles on Paper, Books and Engravings